A really nice film: excellent acting performances, nice photography, greatly written and directed! Nicole Kidman, once again, made a stunning performance in the part of Christine Lucas, a woman who had a car accident years before, which blotted out any memory of her past. Christine is forced to discover her life “from the beginning” day after day, but thanks to the help of a psychologist Dr. Nash (interpreted by Mark Strong), she finds the way to “remember” and slowly discover what really happened to her life.

With a story flow that directly recall to “Memento”, director Rowan Joffé managed the suspense incredibly well through out the whole film, with a properly balanced combination of uncertainty, surprise, anxiety and terror.

I’ve honestly appreciated this film, under all its many aspects (music included) and I strongly suggest to watch it.

Rowan Joffé and Giacomo MantovaniIn the picture: directors Rowan Joffé and Giacomo Mantovani

Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Before_I_Go_to_Sleep_(film)

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